Bonding is the flat pressing of different panel products to form a new composite panel. From simple laminate bonded to MDF, through to multi-layered exterior panels.

Using our market leading two part polyurethane adhesive system we create a bond which is more durable and reliable when compared to panels bonded with solvent based neoprene adhesives.



We create many kinds of bespoke bonded panels and the range is only constrained by the availability of the component panels:

  • Plastisol steel: exterior plywood
  • Plastisol steel: insulation (EPS,XPS,PIR)
  • Plywood / OSB / Chipboard: insulation (EPS,XPS,PIR)
  • Celotex insulation: PIR soffit boards
  • Lead: plasterboard / plywood
  • High Pressure Laminate: MDF
  • Hygienic PVC sheeting: various high performance panels (Fire, Moisture & Impact)



Our system forms a high performance cross linked bond that has outstanding heat and water resistance, which means that it will not be affected by shear stresses on vertical surfaces, even at high temperatures (of up to 150 degrees C)


Our commitment to controlled batch process on our bonding  and press lines facilities, and the accuracy within our automated glue application ensures a quality product every time.

Shear Tests

At Excel, our sample panels are tested to destruction. Shearing testing demonstrates the superior strength of our cross linked 2 part PU system, which is so strong that when shearing stresses are applied the substrate will fail and NOT the glue line.