EkoTherm is a lightweight, steel composite panel with a thermoplastic honeycomb core. It is ideal for full panel systems, fascia boards and anti-vermin trims.

EkoTherm is the ideal replacement for tropical hardwood plywood used in modular buildings. Excel bond a high-performance steel sheet to the face of the thermoplastic panel to create a strong and highly durable board. A steel balancer sheet is optional for added rigidity but, unlike plywood, a balancer sheet is not a necessity.

EkoTherm offers numerous benefits, including:

Thermal insulation
Sound insulation
Water resistant
Versatile in use

EkoTherm’s core is designed to be bonded to. It provides a far superior bond strength when compared to traditional bonded plywood. Additionally, EkoTherm does not absorb moisture in service and therefore will not deteriorate in service.

EkoTherm’s honeycomb core incorporates Polypropylene closure film layers to prevent an intake of resin into the Thermoplastic cells during manufacturing. This guarantees uniformity and ensures outstanding technical performance from the finished product.

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