Pre-Bonded Hygienic Drywall

Pre-bonded Hygienic Drywall solutions from Excel can be bonded to various substrates to create hygienic panels for walls, ceilings and doors.

Please discuss your board performance requirement with our sales team to decide on the best option.

Hygienic Pre-Bonded PVC Panels 

This is a lighter weight surface, warm to the touch and easily cut to size. Hygienic PVC has been approved for use with foodstuffs (EU Directive 97/48/EC). It's non-toxic, easy to clean surface makes it ideal for laboratory and chemical processing rooms.

  • Allows repeated cleaning cycles
  • Chemical and noxious gas resistant
  • Prevents or reduces micro-organism growth
  • Resistant to marking and scratching
  • Mechanically durable
  • Fire resistant and self-extinguishing (Class 1 fire rated to BS476 Pt 7 & EN134501-1:B-s3,d0)

Hygienic Pre-Bonded CES Advantica L Steel Bonded Panels

The Controlled Environment Surface (Advantica™ L CES) pre-finished steel has been developed to meet the stringent requirements of food processing, preparation and cold storage. It is also used in pharmaceutical and micro-engineering clean rooms and medical environments.

This product is essential in an environment where cleanability, non-contamination and durability are paramount.

Advantica™ L (CES) has an inert surface that is resistant to the staining caused by environmental deposits on the surface or from mould growth. In normal every-day use, our product shows superior properties of resistance to dents, scratches and general wear and tear. Advantica™ range provides Anti-Microbial and Anti-Static properties as standard. Learn more about Advantica L here.

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