GTEC™ Megadeco

Project: Barnsley College

Product: GTEC™ Megadeco

Client: Ace Partitions & Ceilings Ltd

Specifics: £50m 9-storey new build

Fire Retardant Noise Reduction Impact Resistant Decorative

When subcontractor Ace Partitions & Ceilings Ltd was looking for a high-performance partition to fit out the new music department at the college, Excel's partnership with Siniat to provide them with GTEC™ Megadeco was like music to their ears. 

The project required a high level of sound insulation and sound absorbtion for two recording studios as well as high performance, impact resistant partitions to withstand the high-volume traffic and rigours of an educational environment.

The solution comprised a partition lined with a single layer of 15mm Megadeco as oppossed to the traditional method of two layers of 12.5mm standard plasterboard. This solution fulfilled the requirement for superior sound insulation and also substantially reduced the install time. 

Steve Maskill, Siniat’s North Area Technical Sales Manager said: “It was a quick turnaround. The original specification was taking the main contractor, Miller Construction, over budget. We managed to change the specification by leveraging the benefits of GTEC™ Megadeco. By using the single layer of Megadeco fixed to our 70mm steel C Stud and timber framing we reduced the overall cost of the drylining element of the project by around £45,000, equating to a 7.5% saving and cutting installation time by half, bringing the project back in line with the budget.”

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