GTEC™ LaDura

Project: Issac Newton Academy

Product: GTEC™ LaDura

Client: Skanska

Specifics: 25,000m² GTEC™ boards used

Fire Retardant Moisture Resistant Noise Reduction Impact Resistant Decorative Eco Friendly


Excel has supplied over 25,000m² of GTEC™ boards as part of a £30 million new build academy project. The Isaac Newton Academy has been constructed as part of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme and provides 1,250 places for pupils aged 11 to 18. 

The high density and 8% hardwood particles contained within the core of GTEC™ LaDura make it a high performance gypsum board with excellent all-round properties including strength, sound insulation, and fire, moisture and impact resistance. 

The numerous attributes of GTEC™ LaDura mean it carries benefits right from installation, as Siniat's Technical Manager, Steve Marriner, explains “Although GTEC™ LaDura is considered more expensive, the fact that only a single layer of board is needed means the contractor is able to plan the build without the requirement for plywood pattresses, so the extra labour time incurred with installing plywood pattresses is omitted, reducing installation time, materials and costs.”

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