As a long standing supplier of finished and raw product to the Construction Industry we fully understand the ever increasing demands of the Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC). Meeting the necessary BREEAM score is an integral part of the building specification.

Because we only source sustainable materials and promote the most eco-friendly products on the market, we help our customers make more sustainable choices.

With a wealth of experience and full access to the technical and performance data our team are ready to provide help in this challenging part of construction today.

We care about reducing the impact our activity has on the environment. Through effective procurement and lean manufacturing processes, virtually all of our factory waste is recycled. Our plasterboard waste is returned to the manufacturers where it is mulched and used again in the production of new boards. Our vinyl waste is compacted and re-used. Our timber waste is segregated and recycled locally 

The Eco Range

Our Eco Range provides you greener alternatives to traditional panel products with heavier carbon footprints. We have a suite of engineered performance products that are highly recyclable, made from recycled materials and which score highly in BREEAM points.